The ProtoWaffle.

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About the Waffle

ProtoWaffle is an affordable, high quality, and good looking prototyping board with a clever design.
The market is littered with overpriced, low-quality breakout boards. We wanted to make a difference.
Our aim is to make a whole range of different prototyping boards, that all have the same high quality and elegant design as the ProtoWaffle.

Because prototying is one of the most critical phases in your project, you will need the right plan and parts before you can even start.
The plan is what you come up with, the parts are something we can help with.
All of our products are open-source, hence our low price points. We don't believe in patented high priced components, it destroys the market and ruins the fun for the buyer.



What The Waffle Has To Offer

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ProtoWaffle will be available soon at select U.S. and European redistributors. If you want to order a Waffle, or have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail.